About The Breed

The Neva Masquerade Cat is a unique breed of long-haired Siberian cat with color points and bright blue eyes. The Neva Masquerade is a proud Russian breed, Neva Masquerade cats are also raised outside of Russia in nurseries around the world. Russian politicians give these cats as gifts to foreign counterparts. Recently, the Russian Prime-minister gave a Neva Masquerade cat to ex-Finland’s President – http://rt.com/politics/kitten-medvedev-finland-present851/ and the Russian President presented one to the Governor of a province In Japan – http://en.rian.ru/world/20130205/179238887.html.

Description of Neva Masquerade cats

The Neva Masquerade cat derived its name from the similarity of the mask on his face to a mask of a beauty worn at a masquerade.

The breed is quite large. The weight of a fully grown adult female cat is generally 11-12 lb. The weight of a fully grown adult male cat is about 16-18 lb. Neva Masquerade cats can be quite varied in color. The most common color of this breed is Seal Lynx Point. This cat has a light body and dark brown, sometimes almost black points (paws, tail, ears, and muzzle). Sometimes Neva Masquerade cats with Seal Point coloring are even more unique due to an increased darkening of the coat. This coloring is especially popular. There are nurseries that specialize in selling these “dark” cats. Another eye-catching look is when the Neva Masquerade cat has white paws. Cats with white paws are described with the term “white”, such as “Seal-point with white.” Neva Masquerade cats have eye colors that range from light blue to sapphire blue. Cats of this breed are very gentle, are good looking and have a very pretty little face.

The fur of the Neva Masquerade is noteworthy. Like the Siberian cat, Neva Masquerade fur does not cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. If you are looking for and a cat but have a person in your family with a allergy to fur, we recommend you to pay attention to Neva Masquerade cats. Like the Siberian cat, the fur of these fancy cats is repellent, smooth and does not require special care. It never slips and does not form tangles. Another feature of the breed inherited from Siberians is the presence of a wool collar and trousers on the hind legs. Neva Masquerade cats are very beautiful and will always be admired by guests. This animal knows its beauty, it will proudly walk up to your guests all fluffed up. Cats of this breed begin to molt in the spring. The cat’s fur is “stripped” by the summer, taking off the unwanted undercoat. By winter the undercoat grows back, and the cat will once again be furry and fluffy.

Nature of the Neva Masquerade cat
Neva Masquerade cats are very suitable for those who want to have animals in the home. By nature the Neva Masquerade is as gentle as a cat and as loyal as a dog. It is a good friend and companion. Cats of this breed are very strongly attached to their owners, and are like dogs in their love and devotion to their families.  Neva Masquerade cats remain in the background. The main thing for them is to receive love from their master. Neva Masquerade cats suffer from obsessiveness and verbosity, and will not always reach out for caresses and will offer a plaintive meow at times. This animal senses your mood and will come to you only when you are in a good mood, when you are ready to fondle it and play. These animals can tolerate being alone while the owner is away, loneliness is not a catastrophe for these animals. When you come home from work spend a few minutes playing and cuddling and you will meet the needs of your Neva Masquerade pet.  Neva Masquerade cats are playful and active, but in moderation. They bring to any home a sense of comfort and relaxation, while also encouraging play and a physical workout.

Rancor is completely absent in this breed. They will never ever pee in shoes or mark on the carpet due to being upset at being punished. Instead, if you punish them they will simply turn their back on you to indicate that they think you are being unfair. Given care and affection these cats always respond in kind.

Another great feature of the Neva Masquerade cats – they know and remember their name! Try to lure her by a simply call to “kitty” and you will hardly succeed, but upon hearing her name the cat will always respond. This breed is unlike many others, it understands not only your tone but your words.

Neva Masquerade cats get along well with children, trying to protect them and take care of them. They never release their claws. If a young child is being too aggressive with the cat, it will run away to a place where the child cannot reach him/her. If the baby is crying, the cat is sure to be there and will try to comfort him.  These cats will sometimes run to call an adult to attend to a crying child. Babies learn to walk faster when there is a cat in the home as they love to follow it around to try to touch the soft fluffy coat.

Neva Masquerade cats can be friends not only with people, but also with other animals. They have been known to make friends with dogs and other cats. Males usually help in rearing kittens. The male and female rear the kittens together as a family.

Neva Masquerade cats have character traits which are not always present in other cats. Sometimes you will have to accept the fact that your pet has specific likes and dislikes. At the same time, the Neva Masquerade cat understands the rules of your home and will respect them. The cat can exhibit tenacity and stubbornness, so sometimes you have to show that you are more stubborn, and eventually the cat will know what is allowed and what is not.

If the Neva Masquerade cat gets into some mischief, glance just once into her beautiful eyes and you will forgive her everything! Have this cat once and you will forever stop thinking about the other breeds.

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