Allergy Policy

We give the Buyer a possibility to return a kitten to our cattery if the Buyer develops an allergy after purchase. In our written contract we will allow the Buyer to return a kitten to our cattery in 14 days period with full refund of payment excluding deposit ($300 – deposit/reservation fee is not refundable). This period is applicable only for people with no other animals in Buyer’s home.

Many people that are allergic to cats have found that they can tolerate the Siberian and have little or no reaction to them. This is a cat-by-cat, person-by-person concept. If you are allergic to cats and want to test your allergic response to Siberians, it is the best to find someone near you with a Siberian cat/cats. Spend a few hours with one and find out how you will react.

Here are some methods to help reduce reactions. Cleaning your Siberian Cat regularly by using bath wipes and comb often will reduce allergens level. Vacuum often to limit hair build up around the house. Feeding a well balanced natural food diet, so cats maintain a healthy coat to reduce shedding is very important. The last thing, but extremely important for allergy sufferers, is to create an allergy free safe haven for sleeping. This means that you cannot allow your pets to sleep in your bedroom. There are no guarantees, but there is hope for allergy sufferers.


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