Our Kittens

The litter “H”

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The litter “G”

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The litter “F”

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The litter “E”

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The litter “D”

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The litter “C”

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The litter “B”,  arrived on Oct 30, 2013  

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Bella Blanca

Name: Bella                                                   Name: Blanca

Colour: BLUE SMOKE POINT                             Colour: BLUE  POINT
Sex: FEMALE                                                 Sex: FEMALE

Status: Left in Cattery for Breeding Program      Status: Has owner

Brutus Brian-Perry

Name: Brutus                                                Name: Brianna – Perry

Colour: BLUE LYNX (TABBY) POINT                  Colour: BLUE LYNX (TABBY) POINT
Sex: MALE                                                    Sex: FEMALE

Status: Has owner                                          Status: Has owner


Name: Bob – Stewey


Status: Has owner

The litter “A”,  arrived on March 27, 2013
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 IMG_2440 IMG_2570

Name: Angel                                                    Name: Antey

Colour: BLUE LYNX (TABBY) POINT                     Colour: BLUE LYNX (TABBY) POINT
Sex: FEMALE                                                    Sex: MALE

Status: Has owner                                            Status: Has owner

IMG_2536 IMG_2496

Name: Ace                                                Name: Alex “Sonny”

Colour: BLUE POINT                                    Colour: BLUE LYNX (TABBY) POINT
Sex: MALE                                                 Sex: MALE

Status: Has owner                                      Status: Has owner


That is how they grow from 6 weeks to one year



  • Photo of Cats

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