Reservation Policy

We require a non-refundable $300.00 (three hundred dollars) deposit to reserve a place on the waiting list. When the litter is born and your name comes up, you will be notified to come and select the kitten you want to be the part of your life for years of love and affection to come. The first person on the waiting list will have the first pick of the litter (after the owner/breeder); second person on the list- second pick; etc. Once you make your selection, we require an additional $500.00(five hundred dollars) deposit. Both payments are deducted from the total price of the kitten. Payments may be made in person or certified check, cash, money order, Venmo or PayPal (remember to add 3% PayPal fee and 6.25% MA Sales Tax). When a kitten has been assigned to you/chosen by you, we deposit the check into a holding account. The balance is due upon delivery/pick up. You may choose to wait for another litter without losing your place on the waiting list only if we don’t have the desirable sex or color that you are looking for. If for any reasons you can’t honor your commitment to buy a kitten from the Siberian Miracle Cattery, we will refund your second payment ( $500) once a deposit is received by someone else for the kitten you are forfeiting. You need to agree with our Adoption Policy terms and conditions prior to a reserving a kitten.

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